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Tax audits

ACCO’s certified public auditors will carry out comprehensive tax audits for you, to identify any irregularities or legal/tax risks that may be present. In addition to precise diagnostics of hazards, you will get the following benefits from our tax audit:

  • Set of conclusions regarding the tax condition of your business;
  • Specific recommendations for elimination of legal and tax risks;
  • Set of actionable proposals for improvement of your financial performance.

At the same time, a detailed and reliable tax audit will let you:

  • Safeguard your business in the event of an official tax investigation;
  • Avoid the use of trial and error method, which generates tax risks;
  • Streamline your accounting procedures within the current legal framework;
  • Provide legal assurance measures for your business.

Audit follow-up
Upon request, we can offer you efficient tax optimization based on our audit findings, as well as ongoing accounting services and proactive consultancy. In this way, we offer a fully comprehensive range of legal and tax services.

What benefits do we offer?

Effective identification of tax risks
Quick recognition of legal issues
Representation and reliance in case of investigation procedures
A suite of specific conclusions and recommendations
Tax optimization based on the findings
Opportunities for improvement of financial performance

Tax audit – proposal

Selected areas of our tax audit:

  • Corporate income tax;
  • Tax on goods and services (VAT);
  • Property tax;
  • Sales and purchases;
  • Domestic and international transfers;
  • Taxes on salaries/wages;
  • Promotional activities (marketing and advertising);
  • Receivables;
  • Transfer pricing;
  • Other transactions.

What is included in the scope of a tax audit?

  • Diagnostics of tax and legal nonconformities;
  • Diagnostics of tax risks;
  • Evaluation of tax qualifications in specific fields;
  • Recommendations for corrective measures.

With our long experience, we carry out professional, fully customized tax audits, taking into account industry-specific aspects and nuances.

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