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Tax optimization – ACCO Law & Taxes

ACCO will offer you effective tax optimization on national and international level, with an assurance of certainty and realistic improvement of financial performance.

A tax optimization process has three stages.

  • We start with diagnostics of the tax structure, identification of risks, and defining opportunities for reduction of tax burdens.
  • In the second stage, we recommend the best available scenarios and we follow up with effective implementation.
  • At the same time, we create tax procedures, we provide specific guidance to the chief accountant, we hold necessary training courses, and we offer ongoing support in the process of tax optimization upon demand.

Our tax optimization services are dedicated to Polish and foreign corporations, large and small enterprises, and sole business owners/self-employed individuals. With our international experience and expertise, we guarantee successful tax optimization even in the most complex legal environments.

What benefits do we offer?

Effective audit of risks and opportunities
Reduction of tax burdens
Improvement of financial performance
Certainty and assurance in the field of law and taxes
Assurance in the event of a tax investigation
Limitation of personal liability

Tax optimization – proposal

  • Tax audit to identify the risks and available areas of tax optimization.
  • Recommendation for specific structural modifications.
  • Building a group structure optimized in terms of taxes.
  • Tax optimization of business operations.
  • Optimization of taxation of managerial and personnel salaries/wages.
  • Optimization of property tax burdens.
  • Comprehensive services in the field of business registration abroad, with the purpose of mitigating the tax burden.

Within the scope of our comprehensive tax optimization services, we offer daily consultancy and tax/legal prevention measures, monitoring of the organization’s legal environment, and rapid action to avoid unnecessary tax burden.

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