VAT settlement, preparation of tax returns (tax compliance)

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The complicated tax legislation makes it difficult to draft procedures, to quickly handle VAT reporting and payment, or to prepare the necessary reports. Moreover, failure to fulfill the formal requirements, or errors in the accounts can lead to additional costs or generate a serious risk of legal and tax liability. This issue applies to corporations as well as small sole proprietor businesses.

VAT settlement and VAT compliance

  • ACCO Law & Taxes experts will take over your duties relating to proper VAT accounting, and will help you recover output VAT.
  • Upon your request, our proposal can be extended with comprehensive VAT compliance services, from registration for VAT purposes, through verification of existing procedures, up to assistance during tax investigation procedures.

Tax compliance

  • Within the framework of our Tax Compliance service, we offer professional support with comprehensive tax reporting/preparation of tax returns on the basis of the applicable legislation and relevant expertise.

Our proposal is dedicated to Polish and foreign business operators. With our international experience, we are able to provide our VAT accounting and tax compliance services according to the client’s jurisdiction.

What benefits do we offer?

Identification and elimination of risks
Significantly streamlining VAT settlements/payments
Certainty and assurance in the field of law and taxes
Limitation of personal liability
Assurance in the event of a tax investigation
Receiving due tax refunds in a short time

VAT settlements and tax compliance - the proposal

VAT settlement and VAT compliance:

  • Registration for VAT purposes, updating the registered data.
  • Verification of VAT accounting procedures – audit and validation of VAT accounting documents.
  • Preparation and implementation of smooth VAT accounting policies and procedures, according to the legislation in force.
  • Support in comprehensive VAT settlements, filing VAT returns and other registers in force (e.g. SAF).
  • Assistance with output VAT recovery – creating VAT refund applications and overpayment determination applications.
  • Support and representation at VAT/customs investigation procedures.

Tax compliance


  • Calculation of output CIT and advances for CIT.
  • Analysis of procedures for calculation of output tax and advances for CIT.
  • Tax audit of data to define the taxable base.

Withholding tax:

  • Validation of performance of taxpayers’ obligations.
  • Preparation of due withholding tax calculations.
  • Preparation of tax returns.

Tax on goods and services (VAT):

  • Registration of taxable persons.
  • Preparation of VAT returns.
  • Preparation of summary reports and INTRASTAT reports.

Our VAT accounting and tax compliance services are supplemented with comprehensive tax and legal consultancy, dedicated to Polish and foreign businesses.

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