Ongoing tax consultancy

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Ongoing tax consultancy | Consulting, hotline | Opinions

Almost every business decision has its tax consequences. Unfortunately, the complex legislation and the trial and error method tends to lead to excessive tax burdens or unnecessary risk generation.

This is why we offer continuous tax consultancy, turning the question marks into the assurance of safe, most profitable decisions.

We are perfectly aware of the diverse needs of our clients and therefore:

  • We use advanced analytics and rapid communication tools;
  • We frequently operate on our clients’ systems;
  • We provide flexible options for our ongoing tax consultancy, specifically:
  • Regular tax advice offered through occasional consulting or on the basis of a long-term agreement;
  • Ongoing ‘call to know’ hotline consultancy on tax matters;
  • Regular consultant supervision;
  • Tax advisor assistance services;
  • Representation at negotiations, tax investigation procedures and court proceedings;
  • Tax representation on the basis of powers of attorney;
  • Drafting tax documentation, opinions and requests.

We provide our services to corporations, small and large companies/partnerships, and sole business operators/self-employed individuals.

Our experts are experienced tax advisors, distinguished with extensive expertise and international experience.

What benefits do we offer?

Immediate support
Effective audit of risks and opportunities
Reduction of tax burdens
Improvement of financial performance
Certainty and assurance in the field of law and taxes
Assurance in the event of a tax investigation
Limitation of personal liability

Ongoing tax consultancy – proposal

Ongoing tax consultancy services offered by ACCO cover all the legal and tax matters in such areas as:

  • Tax optimization;
  • VAT settlement and VAT compliance;
  • Support in preparation of tax returns (tax compliance);
  • Transformation of sole proprietor businesses;
  • Setting up, transformation and winding-up of companies/partnerships;
  • Mergers & acquisitions;
  • Transfer pricing documentation;
  • Taxation of managerial and personnel salaries/wages;
  • International transactions;
  • Business restructuring;
  • Mitigation of tax risks;
  • Legal opinions, applications for tax rulings;
  • Tax planning;
  • Corporate succession.

We also provide the following simultaneous services:

  • Telephone support (hotline);
  • Opinions in writing concerning daily tax issues;
  • Issuing opinions on executed contracts in the perspective of tax legislation;
  • Tax analyses of contemplated business operations.

Ongoing tax consultancy means our active, responsible partnership, provided as a combination of quick support, prevention of threats arising from rapid changes of the legal environment.

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