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ACCO Law & Taxes offers professional, comprehensive and ultimately successful legal and tax advice in the most complex business processes, meaning an active partnership with guaranteed safety and measurable financial benefits.

Comprehensive tax consultancy

Our legal and tax operations cover all aspects of due diligence, tax planning, building tax structures, ongoing consultancy, transactional support, tax representation, tax succession, and change of tax residence.

We offer professional legal and tax consultancy to businesses, starting with setting up a company, through ongoing services, shareholding changes, transformations, mergers, acquisitions, up to winding-up process support.

Tax care with a suite of benefits

Specific business advantages for our clients have always been our top priority. With our experience, know-how and verified solutions, we strongly believe we are able to assure the following to your business as well:

Reliance on making the right business decisions
Peace of mind in the event of a tax investigation
Legal certainty
Better financial performance
Good tax standing
Personalized approach

Personalized approach

For Polish businesses

Our legal and tax consultancy services are dedicated to Polish groups of companies, separate companies, family businesses, SME sector, and self-employed individuals.

For foreign businesses

We provide our services to foreign businesses operating or planning to operate in Poland. Our proposal is a combination of effective legal and tax consultancy with ongoing English language service, taking into account the specific jurisdiction of the company seat.

For consumers

Our comprehensive service range also includes professional legal and tax consultancy for consumers intending to engage in business, and effective tax optimization of personal wealth.

What is our understanding of comprehensive tax consultancy?

With 25 years of experience, we are perfectly capable of understanding the business needs of entrepreneurs; therefore, we offer comprehensive advice in the field of law and taxes, based on proactive and responsible partnership philosophy.

Specifically, we offer:
  • To take over any and all responsibilities you may have in handing your taxes;
  • To provide you with ongoing support from experienced professionals;
  • To respond quickly to changing legal and business environment;
  • To represent you in negotiation, investigation, administrative and litigation procedures;
  • To communicate with you effectively, using our proprietary tools.

Advantage through synergy

Through the years of experience in providing our services to domestic and international clients, we have grown to believe that effective tax consultancy is a product of synergy of 6 essential items.

25 years of experience

For over 25 years, we have developed our international know-how, effective even with the most complex business processes.

Expert knowledge

Our consultants regularly update their expertise in the field of taxes, Polish and international law.

Verified solutions

Based on our proprietary case studies, we have developed certain solutions that have enabled us to optimize tax proceedings successfully.

Reliable procedures

We operate on the basis of effective procedures, allowing us to maximize the level of security for particularly sensitive data, and to offer unparalleled quality consulting.

Smooth communication

We guarantee to quickly answer any of your ongoing questions, we use advanced analytics and communication tools, and we provide the full range of our services in foreign languages.

Flexible cooperation model

We can work with you on a subscription basis, or one-off consultancy, hotline consultancy, permanent representation, or assistant services.

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