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ACCO Tax Firm is proud of its expertise, of over 20 years of international experience, and verified know-how. With the synergy of these values and our understanding of the characteristics of our clients’ operations, we offer comprehensive tax consultancy on the highest international level.

In this way, we offer proactive support for our clients’ business growth, with legal assurance and measurable financial gains. At the same time, we build solid relationships based on trust, discretion, uncompromising ethics and professional responsibility principles.

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Advantages of ACCO Tax Firm

Comprehensive service

We offer comprehensive tax and legal advice as well as ongoing services for consumers, businesses or corporate groups. Our specialized services are dedicated to international corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Our proposal is further extended with professional advice to individuals.

International experience

Since 1995, we have been offering professional tax and legal advice dedicated to Polish and foreign clients in multiple fields of business. Our long experience translates into our in-depth knowledge of international standards, and perfect English language service.

Flexibility in business

Through understanding of our clients’ business processes and the unique qualities of their operations, we are able to quickly adjust our solutions to their specific needs, and to promptly respond to the changing circumstances. In this way, we can offer proactive partnership, legal certainty, and realistic financial gains.

High insurance

Our clients’ financial security has always been our number one priority; therefore, we have obtained liability insurance at PLN 2,000,000, along with additional insurance suit exceeding the statutory requirements. At the same time, we guarantee the most sophisticated standards of ethics and professional accountability.

Advanced tools

We provide most comfortable business relationships in terms of personal and electronic communications. We use videoconferencing solutions, our proprietary ACCO BusinessIntelligence and ACCOBusinessMobile solutions, and our clients’ software. Thus, we offer information management at any time and at any location.

Hotline consultancy services

We are perfectly aware of our clients’ needs and therefore we offer our consultancy services rendered via a hotline. In this way, we can deliver ongoing tax and legal support to enable you to take optimized decisions in a comfortable environment. We provide our hotline services on the basis of consultancy over the phone, via e-mail or videoconferencing.

ISO certification

Since 2004, we have been providing our services on the basis of procedures supported by ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificate, subject to annual control of third party auditors from SGS, a British certification body. At the moment, we are implementing an information security management system ISO 27001:2015, covering protection of personal data and confidentiality.

Licensing and awards

ACCO Tax Firm holds the License issued by the Ministry of Finance, no. 13376/99, and the License of the National Tax Consultancy Board no. 04535. In 2005, we received the “Golden Reliability Certificate”; in 2016, we were awarded “Leaders of Tax Consultancy” and we received a prestigious “Businesswoman of the Year” award in Tax Advisor category.

Knowledge transfer

We regularly exchange our experience with elite tax firms within the scope of our membership in international associations. We also share our knowledge through regular publications and professional training courses. We attend international trade fairs and meetings to gain broad perspective and valuable networking contacts.

*ACCO Tax Firm originates from ACCO Accounting & Consulting Office, the holder of some of the above mentioned certificates and licenses.

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