Regular consultant supervision

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Regular consultant supervision – tax optimization, monitoring, support

We offer you tax consultant supervision, based on a regular cooperation scheme or as a subscription service. Our services include analytical activities, comprehensive tax optimization, regular monitoring of applicable legislation, and quick response to the changing legal environment.

The outcomes of our activity will give you assurance of profitable decisions, tax and legal certainty, measurable savings, and a strong competitive advantage.

Why is ACCO the right choice?

  • We offer flexible options for consultant supervision so as to ensure continuous support with tax and legal matters, tailored to the specific needs of your business.

The options we offer include:

  • Yearly or monthly subscription for a specific volume of services – hours or number of consultancy sessions;
  • Tax representation;
  • Tax advisor assistance services;
  • Hotline consultancy (‘call to know’ model);
  • Flexible options of cooperation;
  • We use proprietary systems and advanced solutions to maximize your streamlined communication with our consultants;
  • Upon request, we will use your software and technology solutions, to facilitate our consultancy and communication activities as far as possible.

Dedicated tax experts
With our permanent legal and tax supervision, you will receive advice from dedicated experts, specializing in your area of business.

What benefits do we offer?

Regular legal and tax advice
Convenience of regular support from experts
Regular care and availability of information
Quick response to changing legislation
Rapidly resolving tax issues
Legal certainty, improved financial performance

Regular consultant supervision – the proposal

  • Regular consultant supervision for corporations and SMEs, HR & payroll departments, controlling departments.
  • Services tailored to specific business needs (subscription, representation, assistant services, hotline consultancy).
  • In a subscription model, we offer additional tax support, including development of tax procedures, and tax optimization.
  • Analytical tax advice: identification of legal and tax risks and optimization opportunities.
  • Regular, quick and comprehensive tax and legal services rendered by a dedicated team of experts.
  • Tax optimization, including consultancy on taxation of salaries/wages.
  • Regular monitoring of the tax and legal environment relevant for the organization’s current and future activities.
  • Updated information about the changes of tax and finance laws and regulations entering into force and scheduled for the future.
  • Immediately resolving any tax issues, recommendations for secure and profitable arrangements.
  • Preparation of documentation, including legal opinions and applications for tax rulings.
  • Creating transfer pricing documentation files and ongoing CT consultancy.
  • Advice and handling formalities in the process of setting up, transformation and winding up of companies/partnerships.
  • Tax representation in business negotiations, disputes, official tax investigations, clarifications, and in court proceedings.

Consultant supervision offered as a subscription service comprises integrated legal and tax consultancy with added professional service. The basis for our efficiency is our personalized approach to our clients’ actual needs, and our dedicated consultancy schemes.

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