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Support in drafting the transfer pricing documentation

ACCO Law & Taxes offers comprehensive support in preparation of transfer pricing documentation on the basis of the requirements arising from the tax laws and regulations currently in force.

Within the scope of our services, we will accept, verify and/or prepare your transfer pricing policies, define the method of determination of such policies, develop basic/group documentation and update it on a regular basis, and we carry out any necessary comparative analysis/benchmarking.
We will also identify the tax risks and help mitigate such risks effectively, offering our clients a defence file as an additional security option.

We combine our transfer pricing documentation creation proposal with active consultancy, dedicated to corporations and SMEs, and we give assurance to all our clients in their legal and tax matters, along with measurable business advantages.

What benefits do we offer?

Compliance with tax laws
Assistance with implementing a transfer pricing policy
Minimizing tax risks
Higher returns from business activities
Support in tax investigation procedures
Responsible and reliable partnership

Transfer pricing documentation - the proposal

  • Preparation of a transfer pricing policy, with a detailed description of the accounting principles and algorithm applied to calculations of prices within a group of related parties.
  • Comparative analysis to verify or determine the arm’s length values of transfer pricing used in transactions with related parties.
  • Local File – description of transaction structure for all types of business activities, with a functional analysis.
  • Master File – transfer pricing documentation comprising information about the group of related parties of which a taxable person or an unincorporated organization is a member (in the case referred to in Article 9a(1f) of the Corporate Income Tax Act).
  • Tax documentation updates – full range of updates to transfer pricing files for tax purposes.
  • Transfer pricing audit for transactions that have already been closed.
  • Defence file – determination of strategies for defence against income assessment, identification of instruments for execution of that strategy, including production of additional security records.
  • Representation during tax investigation proceedings, drafting appropriate documentation to support the taxable person’s position and as defence for transfer pricing within the framework of investigation by tax authorities.
  • Daily assistance in the implementation of transaction pricing strategies, updating the files regularly.

Our transfer pricing documentation services have been developed on the basis of our long experience on the international market.

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