Transformation of sole proprietor business

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Transformation of sole proprietor business into a company or partnership

At ACCO Law & Taxes, we specialize in transforming sole proprietor businesses into companies or partnerships with optimized legal status. Importantly, the transformation process is done without affecting the assets of the business, its goodwill or business reputation.

We offer comprehensive handling of the reorganization process, we recommend and implement optimized legal and tax solutions, and we create opportunities for secure growth. At the same time, we limit personal liability and safeguard business operators’ private wealth.

Our experienced experts will develop a specific plan and take over all the obligations associated with transformation of a sole proprietor business into a company or partnership.

We guarantee smooth, secure and profitable transformation of your sole proprietor business into a corporation. Upon request, we can provide comprehensive legal and tax services to your new organization, with a guarantee of measurable benefits and proactive partnership.

What benefits do we offer?

Limitation of personal liability
Resolving problems with succession
Maintaining licenses and certifications
Retaining the existing brand value
Strengthening credibility and reputation improvement
Smooth business operations
Legal certainty
More favorable tax arrangements
More opportunities in business

Transformation of sole proprietor business - the proposal

Preparation for transformation of a sole proprietor business – analysis of the facts, selection of the optimum legal status for the organization and a detailed business transformation plan, involving retention of its assets, existing goodwill, reputation in business, all types of licenses and certificates.
Drafting documentation – gathering formal/legal records required for transformation of a sole proprietor business, including transformation plans, requests for appointment of a court expert, articles of association, statutes, etc.
Monitoring the certified public accountant’s proceeding with issuance of opinions on the sole proprietor business transformation plan.
Transformation of sole proprietor business – finalizing the process, ongoing support and coordination of the entire process; representation in discussions with public authorities and financial institutions if necessary.

With our long experience, we are capable of effectively transforming a sole proprietor business into a corporation with optimized legal status, irrespective of the industry sector, size and business profile of the business.

Try us, and the most advanced global standards are guaranteed